The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission voted last week during its November meeting to approve 12-month licensing for fishing, small game, furbearers, and conservation stamps.

The approval comes on the heels of a state law change that allows year-long licenses to expire one year to the date of purchase rather than expiring at the end of a calendar year.

Other topics at the meeting included approval of continuing the Mule Deer Initiative into 2019. The initiative is in its 4th year and is in place to enhance 100,000 acres of habitat for the declining species.

Similarly, Wyoming now has a Black-Footed Ferret Management Plan. The plan sets a statewide population growth objective of 341 breeding adults, up from the estimated 60 that currently reside in the state. It also identifies potential new introduction sites for the animal.

More information on hunting and fishing changes can be found online at The Wyoming Game and Fishing Commission website.


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