If you're liking the gas prices at the pump in Wyoming recently, there's definitely a reason why. Gas prices are down nearly 10 cents per gallon since last month.

Just in the past week, Wyoming gas prices are down 1.8 cents per gallon to give the state an average cost of $2.15 per gallon, which is 49.5 cents lowers than a year ago. Wyoming's current average gas price is also 10 cents less than the current national average that stands at $2.25, according to U.S. News & World Report.

A year ago, the national average gas price was $2.63, as noted by AAA. Much of lower prices are due in large part because the national volume of travel being down due to Covid-19.

As for local gas prices in and around Cheyenne and southeast Wyoming, according to Gas Buddy, the lowest price per gallon is at Walmart on Livingston Ave and Sam's Club on Dell Range at $1.89 per gallon. The highest local prices this week are at about $1.97 per gallon.

Therefore, feel free to take advantage and fill up your vehicle on gas this week. There's plenty of saving at the pumps right now.


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