In Wyoming, it's been awhile since we have gotten any sort of price break at the gas pump. While it has looked like it could be trending toward a decent price decrease over the past month, the national average gas price has been on the rise this week and that doesn't bode well for Wyoming's average price across the state to continue its recent trend.

According to AAA, the national average price in the state of Wyoming right now is $3.50, which is down just one cent this week from $3.51, but down four cents from a month ago. Wyoming had been trending toward continuing price decreases slowly but surely. However, the national average has gone up four cents just in the past four days as it now sits at $3.36 and newly reported data suggests it could keep going up.

The Energy Information Administration recently reported an increase in demand and a decrease in domestic gasoline stocks while crude prices remain elevated. Crude oil prices were in the $60 range in August. They are now hovering above $80 per barrel. With the data reported by the EIA, it suggests that that's a recipe for increased prices at the pump. EIA's weekly report also revealed domestic crude inventories are shrinking right now, which cause supply concerns. This is also a factor pushing prices upward with supply being tight currently.

AAA spokesperson, Andrew Gross said earlier this week:

Compared to the price of gas a year ago, it now costs consumers about $17 more to fill up their vehicles...That’s the cost of a large pizza with toppings. And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like drivers will be finding relief at the pump any time soon.

While Wyoming saw a decrease in statewide average gas price over the past week, there were several states that had a booming increase, such as North Carolina and Florida, which were up 13 cents while Rhode Island, New York, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Massachusetts were all up 12 cents. Don't be surprised if Wyoming sees gas prices climb in the near future with some of these other states already seeing a stark uptick in prices.

Despite the statewide average in Wyoming currently at $3.50 per gallon, both Laramie County and Albany County are much cheaper on average at $3.40 and $3.21, respectively.

In Cheyenne, gas is currently at its cheapest around town at $3.27. That price is at:

  • Love's - 3305 W. College Dr.
  • Flying J - 2250 Etchepare Dr.
  • Sam's Club - 1948 Dell Range Blvd
  • Sinclair - 3306 W. College Dr.

In Laramie, Tumbleweed Express has the best price at $2.97. They're at 4700 Bluebird Ln.

Based on those gas forecasts, get your fuel while you can, Wyoming!

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