Wyoming has plenty of unique attractions and scenery that we all know about. But what about something that was made for someone or something that is not of this world. There is a particular landing strip in the Cowboy State that was made for UFOs to land on. Seriously, it's a real thing...The landing strip, that is.

Just north of Green River, there was a landing strip made that intended to be a spot for extraterrestrial lifeforms. Before anyone gets their tinfoil hats on and tries to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon, we'll explain what this landing strip is doing in Green River, WY.

In 1994, there was something known as the Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet discovered by NASA, which was headed for the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. While the gaseous planet is certainly not known to have existing lifeforms, the city planners of Green River decided they would be welcoming to any refugees from Jupiter that would be endanger of losing their homes due to the comet. And so, a 5,000 foot landing strip was built, and approved by the FAA. It would be known as the Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport.

And now a TikTok user has made a video to educate you about all of this...

Again, there, of course, have been no extraterrestrial lifeforms that have used the landing strip in its history. The gate to the facility is locked and there is noted surveillance at the facility as well. There was a sign for the spot that noted it as the 'Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport'. However, as noted by the video, the sign was repeatedly stolen. The last update we have from Atlas Obscura also reports that the sign is gone.

So if someone wants to know where the Intergalactic Spaceport is, perhaps a troubled alien that has been lost since 1994, just direct them to Green River, WY. It seems they might have a hospital spot for them to hangout at. But for now, remember to keep looking up! (That's from the PBS show Star Gazers)

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