I'm just old enough to remember when American society began to take drinking and driving very seriously. In the 80s laws against drunk driving started to come with harsher punishments and wider enforcement. Also, public awareness campaigns against drunk driving really took off.

All that work has significantly paid off. The number of drunk driving-related death in the county have fallen drastically. However, it remains an issue. While the total numbers are down, drunk driving is still the top cause of driving-related fatalities.

The car insurance site Insurify took a look at the numbers of DUI related incidents in the US and came up with a list of the states with the most DUIs (Driving While Intoxicated violations). Wyoming does not top the list, but we do come in at number 2.

"The team analyzed the number of drivers with DUI’s against the total number of drivers to find the percentage of drivers with a DUI in each state." - Insurify

According to their findings, The percentage of Wyoming drivers rivers with a DUI is 5.16%. The percent of adults in Wyoming who report excessive drinking is 16.9%

 "Wyoming is by far the least populated state in the country, but still has the second highest percentage of drivers with a prior DUI. DUIs aside, Wyoming has the second-lowest percentage of adults reporting excessive drinking among states on the list. Wyoming’s proportion of drivers with an accident is almost 33 percent less than the national average of 17.78 percent."

Number one on the list is North Dakota. Following Wyoming at number 2, is South Dakota, then Wisconson, and Alaska

According to Insurify the national average of DUIs is 2.27% and 17.78% of adults nationwide report excessive or binge drinking.

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