Officials with the Wyoming Department of Health are urging people to protect their eyes if they plan on watching the solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

Dr. Alexia Harrist, state epidemiologist, and acting state health officer said the entire state will experience a total solar eclipse of more than 90 percent. Some areas of the state, including Casper, will experience a total eclipse.

Harrist said there will be a strong temptation for everyone, including children, to look at the sun during the eclipse. But watching the event without the proper eye protection could damage your eyes.

Harrist says it's important to use special-purpose solar filters, such as eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewers. she says the glasses or viewers should meet the following standards:

·-        Have certification information with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard

-       Display the manufacturer’s name and address

-         Not be used if they have scratched or wrinkled lenses or are older than three years

She said ordinary sunglasses, even if they are very dark, are not safe for watching a solar eclipse.

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