Day three of the Wyoming High School Wrestling State Championships took place on Saturday, Feb. 27.

Class 4A is the last one up for Wyoming wrestling this week. Check below for the final results for each weight class.

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Class 4A Team Scores:

Champion: Natrona: 247.5

2. Sheridan: 243.5, 3. Thunder Basin: 224, 4. Cheyenne East: 188, 5. Kelly Walsh: 188, 6. Rock Springs: 114, 7. Evanston: 98.5, 8. Cheyenne Central: 87, 9. Campbell County: 86.5, 10. Laramie: 81, 11. Jackson: 38, 12. Cheyenne South: 35

Class 4A Weight Results 


Champion: Broc Fletcher, Fr. Rock Springs 

2. Kaden Orr, Fr. Natrona, 3. Walker Wilson, So. Evanston, 4. Cole Riesen, Fr. Sheridan, 5. Cody Dunham, Fr. Sheridan, 6. Liam Knerr, Fr. Laramie  


Champion: Antonio Avila, Fr. Thunder Basin 

2. Darron Provost, So. Campbell County, 3. Tate Tromble, Jr. Natrona, 4. Colt Welsch, Jr. Campbell County, 5. Wyatt Weiss, Fr. Cheyenne Central, 6. Bryson Heilbut, Fr. Cheyenne Central 


Champion: Landon Trujillo, Sr. Cheyenne East

2. Cole Wirtz, Sr. Kelly Walsh, 3. Landon Wood, Fr. Sheridan, 4. Alex Draper, Jr. Thunder Basin, 5. Kael Johnson, Jr. Natrona, 6. Jack Wilson, So. Kelly Walsh


Champion: Jeric Igo, Sr. Thunder Basin 

2. Dakota Ledford, Fr. Laramie, 3. Nathaniel Sausedo, Sr. Natrona, 4. Logan Johnson, Fr. Campbell County, 5. Gabe Trujillo, Sr. Cheyenne South, 6. Treyson Davilla, So. Kelly Walsh


Champion: Kyler Henderson, Sr. Natrona 

2. Jais Rose, Fr. Thunder Basin, 3. Garrett Marker, Jr. Kelly Walsh, 4. Hunter Goodwin, Sr. Sheridan, 5. Dylan Brenton, Jr. Natrona, 6. Lucas Hill, Jr. Campbell County 


Champion: Reese Osborne, Sr. Sheridan

2. Dylan Catlin, Sr. Thunder Basin, 3. Kendell Cummings, Sr. Evanston, 4. Blake Harding, Campbell County, 5. Billy Brenton, Jr. Natrona, 6. Fischer Hawkins, Jr. Laramie


Champion: Analu Benabise, Sr. Kelly Walsh - Benabise has now won four straight wrestling titles (138, 2018, 145, 2019, 145, 2020). He becomes just the 25th person in Wyoming high school history to accomplish this.

2. Cyruss Meeks, Sr. Natrona, 3. Seamus Casey, Jr. Thunder Basin, 4. Dane Steel, Fr. Sheridan, 5. Cade Pugh, Jr. Cheyenne East, 6. Slate Bates, Jr. Cheyenne Central 


Champion: Kaden Wilcox, Jr. Natrona

2. Cael Porter, Jr. Thunder Basin, 3. Terran Grooms, Fr. Sheridan, 4. Giovanni Lucchi, So. Kelly Walsh, 5. Mason Yenney, Sr. Rock Springs, 6. Cael Pugh, Sr. Cheyenne East


Champion: Jackson Hesford, Sr. Cheyenne East

2. Colson Coon, So. Sheridan, 3. Sam Henderson, Sr. Kelly Walsh, 4. Cash Christensen, Sr. Rock Springs, 5. Nathan Lundberg, Sr. Cheyenne Central, 6. Colby Olson, Fr. Cheyenne East


Champion: Blaise Ronnau, Sr. Cheyenne East

2. Hayden Crow, Sr, Sheridan, 3. Ben Ruckman, Jr. Laramie, 4. Blakely Blanchard, Sr. Cheyenne South, 5. Aden Joregensen, Jr. Thunder Basin, 6. Charlie Nichols, Jr. Cheyenne Central 


Champion: Brock Steel, Jr. Sheridan 

2. Keagan Bartlett, So. Cheyenne East, 3. Gavin Kopp, Sr. Laramie, 4. Aidyn Mitchell, Jr. Thunder Basin, 5. Dominic Lopez, Jr. Cheyenne East, 6. Jack Mortimer, Jr. Natrona 


Champion: Bradley Whitright, Sr. Cheyenne East

2. Aragon Garro, Sr. Kelly Walsh, 3. Davis Knight, Sr. Natrona, 4. Mayson Erickson, 5. Dillon Glick, So. Thunder Basin, 6. Trevor Eldridge, So. Cheyenne East


Champion: Lane Catlin, So. Thunder Basin

2. Rigan Hoggatt, Jr. Evanston, 3. Colter Dawson, Jr. Jackson, 4. Quinton Mangus, Sr. Sheridan, 5. Dom Gray, Sr. Kelly Walsh, 6. Colter Helm, Sr. Natrona 


Champion: AJ Kelly, Sr. Rock Springs

2. Justin Vela, Sr. Sheridan, 3. D'Anthony Smith, Sr. Natrona, 4. Gavyn Aumiller, Jr. Cheyenne East, 5. James Koenig, Sr. Cheyenne Central, 6. Colter Rankin, Sr. Campbell County 

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