The Wyoming Highway Patrol is asking for the public's help in their search for a hit-and-run driver who left a man critically injured alongside Interstate 80 Saturday evening.

Sgt. Jeremy Beck says the crash occurred sometime between 7 p.m. and 7:20 p.m.

"An individual was out putting fuel in his box truck over by Evanston at exit 3 and an unknown-type vehicle struck him and then left the scene," said Beck.

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"He's in critical condition," added Beck. "I think he was taken to Utah."

Beck says the suspect vehicle should have damage to the passenger side headlamp.

He's asking anyone with information about the incident to call dispatch at (307) 777-4321.

"We have very limited leads to go off of," said Beck. "We're just trying to request any information on anyone that possibly had seen that truck parked along the side or seen anyone stopped alongside of that truck."

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