Has rubbing noses led to itching and burning “down there?” Alaska is the most sexually diseased state in the union. Backgroundchecks.org has released some Centers For Disease Control data that should scare sexually active people who are adverse to monogamy and protection.

“Between Tinder, Grindr, and other very NSFW websites, casual hookups are an all time high. With increased casual sex comes some bad news: STDs have reached all times highs, according to the CDC.”


The Worst states for sexually transmitted diseases


1              Alaska

2              Louisiana

3              North Carolina

4              Mississippi

5              New Mexico

6              South Carolina

7              Georgia

8              Oklahoma

9              Arkansas

10           Alabama

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She blew me a kiss, and I got a cold sore."


As for the safest states, Wyoming is the 7th best, while New Hampshire is the state where you are least likely to catch a sexually transmitted disease. The further down the list, the better.


41           New Jersey

42           Connecticut

43           Massachusetts

44           Wyoming

45           Idaho

46           Utah

47           Vermont

48           Maine

49           West Virginia

50           New Hampshire


There are more sexually transmitted diseased people in the USA than ever before, and that’s nothing to clap about.

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