In a report by WalletHub, Wyoming ranked ninth across the nation when it comes to the decrease in unemployment claims over the past few weeks.

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Weekly unemployment claims in Wyoming decreased by 17.27% in the week of July 25 compared to the previous week, the 11th biggest decrease across the U.S.

According to data from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, at the beginning of June, Wyoming had 1,174 unemployment claims, lower than the 2,620 claims at the beginning of 2022, and far below the 20,485 claims the state had in April 2020, the most since at least 2007.

Last June, Governor Mark Gordon cut Wyoming off from increased unemployment benefits that were implemented due to COVID-19, hoping to help businesses hire more workers, though there has been evidence showing that cutting off benefits early did not help to increase employment.

Kentucky saw the biggest decrease week to week, at 57.48% while Connecticut on the other end had the biggest increase at 78.89%.

Weekly unemployment claims in Wyoming were 39.74% lower than in the same week in 2021 and were 2.25% higher than in the same week in 2019.

Wyoming had the ninth most unemployment insurance claims per 100,000 people at 62, just above Delaware at 60 and below Maryland at 65.

Based on the macro reports from the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information, the unemployment rate in Wyoming was 3.6% in May 2022, just above the U.S. at 3.2%.

South Dakota had the least at 24 while Connecticut had the most at 838.

Wallet Hub also compared Republican and Democrat states and found that blue states ranked an average of 27.81 while red states ranked 24.12, with a lower rank equaling a greater decrease in unemployment claims.

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