We may only have one four-year university throughout our entire state, but it definitely makes its mark as one of the top places to be a student in 2021. This, according to a recent study conducted by the student resource website, Studee.

Studee looked to help students find the best place to continue their education in higher learning and compared several key statistics to determine the ranking for the best place to be a student. Such factors were the cost of tuition fees, rent, board, average salary, crime rates, the weather, happiness index scores, and the percentage of the population in the age range from 19 to 25.

One statistic that stands out for Wyoming is the fact that its average cost of tuition is $4,596, which is the second cheapest in the country only to Florida's. Wyoming also has the lowest crime rate index compared to all other states in the top ten. And of those top-ranked states, only California and New York had higher incomes than Wyoming.

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Here's what Studee had to say about Wyoming's 10th overall ranking in their report:

If you’re looking to study somewhere that's easy on the wallet then Wyoming could be a great option because it offers the second cheapest tuition in the US. With six national parks, it’s the perfect state for students who want to avoid city life and spend time in the great outdoors.

Our neighbors to the west in Utah took the top overall spot on the list, followed by California, Texas, Florida, and New York to round out the top five. Colorado also had a decent showing as they finished 16th on the list.

So if you're a student in Wyoming, you're definitely in a good spot to continue your education. Enjoy it!

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