Ok, what's going on with this? This seems a little annoying considering the amount of wheat that is made in and around the Cowboy State. Why do we have to show up for being kind of expensive to bread buying? Who decided to make it a premium for a peanut butter sandwich? Come on, man.

The website Zippia decided to look into each state and see how much the average loaf of bread costs. They looked at how much a loaf of the Walmart brand white bread costs in the Capital of each state. So, we're looking at Cheyenne with this. Maybe bread is cheaper in Laramie or Casper, but this is where we're at in Cheyenne.

So How Much Does It Cost Here?

Well, according to the research Zippia did, we're paying $1.38 per loaf at Walmart. Alaska and Hawaii are the only states that are more expensive. But, also, we're tied with a handful of states at that price, so it must be an average from Walmart to charge. Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota are in the same boat as us along with a couple of other states.

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Somehow, New Jersey is the cheapest at 67 cents. The must-have a line on the breast manufacturer. I can't really think of any other logical reason for them to be so cheap. I mean, overall, I really don't think a buck thirty-eight is that much for bread, but some will disagree and that's ok. I usually just go and get a double pack from Sams Club and it's usually 3 or 4 bucks.

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