The Cowboy State went up one spot from last year when we ranked seventh in the nation, according to Education Week.

The nation as a whole average a 'C' grade for education quality, Wyoming earned  'B-' and scored 82.3 out of 100 total points. There were three categories researched to come up with the grade.

  • Chance-for-success: Wyoming earned a 'C+' and ranked 28th out of all the states.
  • In-School Finance: Wyoming earned an 'A' and ranked first in the country.
  • K-12 Achievement Index: Wyoming earned a 'C' and ranked 12th in the country.

Wyoming represents the Western states with the highest score in the country.

“It is always positive news to see Wyoming at the top of national rankings, and also improving from year to year,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow told Education Week. “Adequate funding for education has been a bedrock of Wyoming education since the state’s founding. Our funding model has allowed us to make a real difference in the lives of all students. For instance, theNation’s Report Card places Wyoming above national averages consistently from year to year.”

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