It was just another silly pizza toppings poll, but we had to do this one because MSN and Slice ranked the 3 most popular pizza toppings in every state. We just had to see if their top 3 for Wyoming was correct, as per you in the Cowboy State.

And those findings were Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Onions. Truthfully, it’s not surprising we got an uninspired number of total votes – less than 90. Take it with a grain of salt - and parmesan cheese.

It seems the national poll nailed us on the Pepperoni. Otherwise it’s not mushrooms and onions, it’s sausage and black olives. So there.

Peperoni 25 28.24 Percent
Sausage 14 16.47 Percent
Black Olives 9 10.59 Percent
Mushrooms 8 9.41 Percent
Canadian Bacon 8 9.41 Percent
Pineapple 5 5.88 Percent
EVERYthing 5 5.88 Percent
Onions 4 4.71 Percent
Hamburger 3 3.53 Percent
Green Peppers 3 3.53 Percent
Jalepeno 2 2.35 Percent