Councilman Rocky Case heard from RV owners Wednesday night about the possibility of not being able to park on public streets. We've already had our own yes or no poll on it. It seems a majority of Cheyenne residents vote their disapproval of not allowing RVs to be parked in front of their own homes.

The councilman proposed no parking of RVs or trailers over 70 inches in height on city streets. When an owner is visiting someone or loading/unloading, they have only 24 hours to move it.

Wednesday’s meeting heard many speak out against those rules. Councilman Pete Laybourn said, “I don’t think there’s any question that 24 hours is inadequate.” Councilman Bryan Cook let it be known he'd also need to see changes before he would vote yes on a second reading. At the moment, it's looking as if there will be no more reading on Monday.

According to, Cheyenne Police Chief Brian Kozak said that of 25 accidents that documented views being blocked, in the past three years, only one of them mentioned that it was due to an RV.

Case has brought up this idea before, and again, his proposal seems to be killed. If not, it may be near dead, however, Thursday morning Cheyenne Mayor Orr told Townsquare Media’s KGAB that it could be revisited again later. Meanwhile, here are the results of our poll:

I’m against the latest RV proposal. ……….. 65.52 Percent

I’m all for it. ………………………………….. 34.48 Percent

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