On February 2nd, we asked, “What does Ground Hog Day mean to Wyoming?” We sure heard quick, “Nothing.” We mentioned the Washington Post called it, “131 years of fake news.” And Wyomingites just confirmed that, at least for our part of the country. In fact it was confirmed about 8 &1/2 to 1 &1/2.

Actually, there were barely 80 total votes, but that was in less than 24 hours. I mean you could see where it was going. I guess it was like asking, “Is Wyoming cold AND windy?”

The Poll question: Do you (in Wyo) care about Ground Hog Day?  

No, in Wyo, winter is longer than six more weeks. .................... 84.15 Percent

Yes, just because I have relatives in the east. .......................... 15.85 Percent

(I never liked the black suits with stove pipe hats. It's creepy in a cult kind of way.)

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