Every pet deserves the best possible home. Our furry friends aren't just pets, but they are part of the family to us and as it turns out, as a state, Wyoming knows that about as well, if not better, than anyone.

Honest Paws recently did some research and showed that Wyoming had the 9th highest increase in pet adoptions from shelters in 2020, which was a 13.05 percent increase, which is absolutely amazing! Especially after this past year, it is so awesome to have the comfort of a furry companion, whether it is the snuggles of a canine or the feeling of warmth from a cat's purr. Regardless of whatever furry friend it is, Wyoming stepped up and adopted pets that needed to be rescued at shelters.

Last year in Wyoming, the number of pet adoptions from shelters per 100,000 people was 1,115. That was good for 10th overall when it comes to pet adoptions per capita. Just to our south in Colorado, they had 1,619 pet adoptions per 100k, which was the 2nd most of anyone in that category. That includes the amazing day after they had a 'shelter-in-place' lifted in Denver. According to the Denver Post, on the first day it was opened after the 'shelter-in-place' had been lifted, the Denver Animal Shelter had a lines wrapping around their building and every dog was adopted that day. That is incredible!

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The states with the biggest percentage increase in pet adoptions really stepped up their game as New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Massachusetts had increases of 35.24 percent, 33.75 percent, and 21.01 percent, respectively.

All the same, Wyoming still made its own impact on adopting animals from shelter in the past year. It's great to be in a spot with so many great people willing to take in new pets and give them an awesome home for life! As for spot to go for adoption in southeast Wyoming, check out Cheyenne Animal Shelter, Black Dog Animal Rescue, Laramie Animal Shelter, or Laramie Animal Welfare Society

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