Joshua Weickum was enjoying a spring day last week when he noticed a strange cloud formation. After the Casper native photographed the clouds, he saw something even stranger in the picture, a mysterious, planet-like orb.

"I didn't notice any of it at the time, I just saw some clouds and randomly decided to pull over," Weickum told Shanti Universe. "A near perfect circle appears to be visible in the same spot the object was before, obstructed by cloud view. I'll let you decide."

Weickum doesn't believe the object in the pictures was the result of a lens flare on his camera.

"I personally took these photos last week," he said. "I only thought it looked crazy because of the second picture I took that appeared to show that (object) behind a cloud. I don't know if lens flares can show from behind clouds, but I don't think so."

Some viewers have speculated that the object could be a "blue kachina". In Native American mythology, some tribes believed a blue star to be a sign of impending atmospheric change or a natural disaster.

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