If you think riding a motorcycle on a track or city street isn't challenging enough, you need to see what one Wyoming rider did. He refused to be stopped from enjoying his two-wheel best friend despite weather trying to limit him.

This short but sweet video was shared recently. There's no location or real specifics given. It's a guy and his motorcycle and some pesky snow.

This guy's sweet ride inspired a bit of a rabbit trail internet search for the best way to get the motorcycle out in the event that the weather snows on you. For that kind of expertise, there's no better source than a Canadian.

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It looks like something as common as twist ties can do the trick if you need that extra bit of traction. Learn something new every day. It looks dangerous to me and I wouldn't advise it unless you're an expert, but if you're a Wyoming cowboy, kinda doubt you're gonna be convinced that a little snow is gonna stop your cycle fun.

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