It happens every year, yet people always seem to be surprised. I'm talking about winter. Every year, extreme cold visits our state, and yet people always seem to complain. Just as sure as you can bet you will crank your AC in July, you can bet you will see sub-zero temps in January.

The website Thrillist, ranked each state on how miserable the winters are. They ranked each state based on everything from weather patterns, average temperatures, and how effective and quickly each states department of transportation clears highways, to interviews with locals and the historical success rates of their winter-season sports teams.

After crunching the data, Minnesota claimed the top spot for "most miserable." Followed by Michigan and Alaska. Wyoming narrowly missed the top 10, coming in at number 12, following Iowa.

According to Thrillist, the reason why Wyoming came in at number 12

Wyoming could be even higher up the list considering that, even when it’s just dumping moose-sized buckets of snow everywhere, it’s so damn pretty to look at the Grand Tetons that you can’t possibly be miserable. Plus those crucial chinook winds that bailed out Nebraska also tamper down the bitterest of the cold. It’s basically like the handsome middle child of the West: not quite as fierce and cold as its bigger old brother Montana, or as awkward as Idaho, and somewhat ignorant of the fact that it’s even tangentially related to the Dakotas. 

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