Company “A” 3rd Wyoming Infantry at New Castle, Wyoming Armory turned recruiting station in 1916

In 1916, famed Mexican bandit, revolutionary and guerilla leader Pancho Villa killed more than 30 Americans in attacks along the US Mexico border. That drew the deployment of a U.S. military expedition led by General John J. “Blackjack” Pershing, across the Mexican border and into Mexico. That included Company F, 3rd Wyoming Infantry of the Wyoming National Guard that were sent to Deming, New Mexico.

Villa eluded capture during the 11-month manhunt, was pardoned and then retired to his ranch until his assassination. None of the guardsmen saw action, but all received valuable training that would be useful the following year, when the U.S. joined the Allies in the war against Germany and Austria, and Wyoming soldiers found themselves in combat in France.

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