It seems like Wyoming has a lot of famous people surrounding it. I'm not talking about the yuppies that come here because it's cheaper than LA and much prettier. I'm talking about actual people from Wyoming are having light shed on them for awesome things that they're doing. We aren't even talking about a novel from C.J. Box getting a TV deal, though, I think we're all ok with more of those coming to a small(or big) screen near you.

Josh Kirk, who has been on the History Channel show, Mountain Men, is set to come to the Capital City for a celebration at Powder River Art Gallery, where he'll perform some music.

If you're going to celebrate a 2 year anniversary, you might as well land someone who is known, not just in his own state, but across the whole dang country. The event is happening Saturday, June 19th from 7 pm-9 pm at Powder River Art Gallery, located at 1906 Thomas Ave in Cheyenne.

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If you're not too familiar with Mountain Men, it's a really fun show to watch. I've been a firm fan of Swamp People for the past decade and it was an easy gateway show for Mountain Men. Just a couple of shows about people working and living off the land. We can really appreciate that here in Wyoming.

Here's how History describes Josh Kirk.

At the feet of Wyoming’s Wind River Range lives Josh Kirk: homesteader, hunter and ranch manager. Along with his wife, Bonnie, and daughter, Eden, Josh makes ends meet by working with one of the West’s most iconic and dangerous creatures… the American Bison. He’s committed to making a living by propagating a species that was nearly wiped from the landscape once upon a time.

The new season of Mountain Men is set to kick off on June 3rd.


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