A huge majority of people responding to a Townsquare Media of Cheyenne online poll over the last few days would like to do away with changing the clocks twice a year in Wyoming.

The poll, which was published last week, asked whether respondents would favor doing away with the twice-a-year time change if Wyoming could legally opt out of changing the clocks, as Arizona and a few other states have.

A whopping 85 percent of the 411 people answering the poll favored doing away with the change. Another 10 percent said they like changing the clocks twice a year, while 4 percent said they don't like the time change but don't want to break tradition by doing away with it.

One percent of respondents said they like the time change so much that they wish the clocks would change four times a year, rather than only twice annually.

Several bills aimed at eventually doing away with the twice a year time change have been proposed in the Wyoming Legislature in recent years, but none has won final approval from lawmakers.

Online polls are not considered scientific surveys since they are not demographically weighted to match the overall makeup of the population.

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