I smiled when I saw this post:

Wyoming-Opoly, the all-Wyoming version of the classic board game, designed by the Wyoming Historical Society.”

I thought this is great as I saw the picture and read that first line of a post for a game based on the very popular Hasbro game of Monopoly.

For just $30, you can buy and sell Wyoming streets and landmarks, and collect $50 for passing go.  What a cool game for those of us who love the Cowboy State.

“Roll the dice and move your Cowboy-inspired game pieces – that include a doughboy replica, a train, and a horseshoe – around the board to land on spots like Wyoming Avenue or Ritchie Avenue.”

Richie Avenue? Doughboy replica? I thought “that’s odd.” So was “Buy the games at the City of Wyoming offices, 800 Oak Ave., Monday through Friday…” Oak Avenue.. Something was not quite right. At almost a minute in, I was wondering why the telephone prefix was “513.”

Then as I looked closer, I found I had been hooked like a largemouth bass. This is a game from THE CITY OF WYOMING, OHIO.

Doh! You got me.

Still, a cool idea though, if someone in the state of Wyoming wanted to create one for “The Equality State.”

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