Wyoming is known for MANY activities like, hunting, fishing, camping, rodeo and RACING! Yep, you can go all over the Cowboy State and find a racetrack to visit.

Whether it's oval racing on dirt, clay or asphalt or pedal to the metal down a dragstrip there are lots of racing options. Casper Speedway, Cheyenne's Big Country Speedway, Gillette Thunder Speedway, Hypoxia Dragway in EvanstonSweetwater Speedway in Rock Springs, and Newcastle has the Weston County Fairgrounds Raceway.

If you've ever been into racing as a fan, racer or promoter you know how passionate the racing community is. In my family, I have a 14 year old nephew that drives a stock car. Both of my brother in law's brothers are racecar drivers and my sister's family are in the stands almost every weekend. It's loud, it's dirty, it's AWESOME to head to a track for family fun.

If you've never been to a local racetrack, but you've seen a NASCAR race, most of those drivers started on a local dirt track and moved their way up to the big time. A racecar driver is just like a bronc rider, bull rider or barrel racer, they have to start at the lowest level with the dream of making it big, then put in all the hard work to get the the highest level.

The highest level for most racers is NASCAR. NASCAR started back in the late 1940's and is still making dreams come true for many drivers. One of the all time legendary racecar drivers is Dale Earnhardt. Dale died in a crash on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 blocking for two of his drivers, his son Dale Earnhardt Jr and winner of the race Michael Waltrip. This race was the first race broadcast on FOX and first NASCAR race I watched to the very end.

Waltrip had been held winless over 450 race starts, but Dale had become his friend and hired him in late 2000 to give him the tools he needed to win.  Also known as 'The Intimidator", Dale was a 7 time Cup champion and the most feared driver on the track. Even though he had a tough exterior he had a soft side to him too and that is highlighted in the 2019 movie "Blink Of An Eye" a documentary about the career of Michael Waltrip. The relationship between he and the Intimidator is an important part the the story and a key to him winning his first race.

Michael began his career just like many of the drivers at Casper Speedway. His story shows that if you have the drive and determination to do something, stick with it and you never know what can happen. If you're an up an coming racecar driver or a just a lover of racing, I encourage you to check the movie out. After watching this trailer, you'll be fired up!

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