Ten Wyoming radio stations are calling off their boycott of the band Nickelback after Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized for the recent actions of Canadian tourists in Yellowstone National Park.

Wyoming Regional Operations Manager Donovan Short declared the boycott last week.

"Until such time as we receive an official apology from the Canadian government, along with a gallon of maple syrup and a six pack of Molson, all Nickelback songs will be banned on our radio stations," Short said.

Short rescinded the ban this morning and accepted the Canadian Prime Minister's apology.

"In light of Prime Minister Trudeau's public acknowledgement, the music of Nickelback will return to the airwaves," Short proclaimed, adding, "although I'm still waiting for my syrup and beer."

The boycott drew mixed reactions from Wyoming rock fans on social media. While some thought the Nickelback ban was long overdue, others argued that the controversial Canadian band shouldn't be blamed for the actions of their fellow countrymen.

Short hailed the short-lived Nickelback ban as a victory.

"This type of tactical diplomacy should be a lesson to all elected officials. We made a demand and backed it up with action," Short said. "The terrifying notion of an entire state not hearing Nickelback on the radio sent a powerful message that clearly resonated with the Canadian government."




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