Wyoming is under siege. Recently, moronic tourists from Canada have been caught desecrating our National Parks and endangering our wildlife.

In response, we have joined with 10 other radio stations across Wyoming to launch a statewide Nickelback boycott.

"Sadly, these 'tourons' have left us with no other choice. Something must be done to preserve the Wyoming way of life," said Regional Operations Manager Donovan Short.

"Until such time as we receive an official apology from the Canadian government, along with a gallon of maple syrup and a six pack of Molson, all Nickelback songs will be banned on our radio stations," Short added.

Originally, the stations considered pulling all Canadian artists from the airwaves, but reconsidered.

"Boycotting Rush would be taking it too far. Yes, we blame Canada, but not Neil Peart," Short pointed out.

While the length of the Nickelback boycott is indefinite, it could last through the summer, or longer.

"I'll probably completely forget to put their songs back in the library in a couple of months, so the ban could be permanent," Short admitted.

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