A recent survey ranked Wyoming one of the safest states in the county for cybersecurity. Unfortunately, no place is really safe from online threats.

Webroot polled 200 people in every state about their cybersecurity habits. Nearly 1/4 of all Americans have had their identity or personal information stolen. Over 25 percent of respondents don't regularly back up their data, 63 percent use the same password for multiple accounts, and 33 percent actually share their passwords with friends and family. Among those who use social media, only 36 percent of profiles are private.

Wyoming was ranked as the 18th safest state for cybersecurity, just behind Nebraska. South Dakota and Montana were also ranked in the top 25. Colorado ranked 28th overall, the 23rd riskiest state in the survey while Utah finished 41st, the 9th riskiest state.

New Hampshire took the top spot for cybersecurity, followed by North Dakota, Ohio, Idaho, and Kentucky. Mississippi ranked last, with Louisana, California, Alaska, and Connecticut rounding out the five worst states for cyber safety.


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