You've heard of baby and pet-sitters, even house-sitters, but a TV-sitter?

One Wyoming resident has taken to Craiglist hoping to find someone to watch their television for them while their away.

The reason for this request is to "make sure it doesn't get stolen."

Before you think this sounds like your dream job, here's a couple of things to consider. If the post is real, the job includes zero pay, and the fact that you're watching television in an area where TV thefts are apparently common. Here's a breakdown of the position...

  • Pay - watching free TV
  • Must bring your own snacks/drinks
  • Must be able to sit 8 hours or longer
  • Must be able to take notes for the TV owner
  • No farting allowed while watching TV

So no pay, and no passing gas. I'm guessing that means most of us are out at this point, but if you do choose to contact this person, please use extreme caution and remember there's a lot of weirdos out there.

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