This is something I find incredibly interesting. No one from Wyoming is in the Hall of Fame for any sport. That's a huge statement considering how many great athletes have come from the Cowboy State, a la Boyd Dowler and Kenny Sailors(which it's a crime they're not in). I'm also not counting Wyoming Hall of Fame inductions for sports. So, we didn't have a real claim to a Hall of Famer, until last week.

Thursday it was announced that former President of World Championship Wrestling and Cody, Wyoming resident, Eric Bishoff, will be inducted into the WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) Hall of Fame in April 6th on the WWE Network through NBC's Peacock. Bishoff is the 2nd person announced as a member of the class of 2021.

Bishoff had huge success and is mostly remembered for running the former wrestling company in the 1990s, taking over in 1993 after being promoted from on air talent and leading the company to what was called the "Monday Night Wars" in the late 90s against then WWF(World Wrestling Federation) now WWE. WCW beat the WWF in ratings for several weeks in a row with the new an innovative changes to sports entertainment.

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Whether you're a fan of professional wrestling or just want to throw a "haha emoji" ironically, this is a great achievement for someone who has been a resident of Wyoming for decades. We did it, we finally have our first Hall of Famer in the Cowboy State. Now, let's get Dowler and Sailors where they belong.


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