After collecting hundreds of votes and hearing many opinions, we have learned that just about 8 out of 10 Wyoming residents think Makenna Greenwald did the right thing by stopping to clean Donald Trump's Hollywood walk-of-fame star.

The original story went viral, but just to catch you up, Makenna is a 20-year-old originally from Lingle, Wyoming and now attending the University of Wyoming. On a recent trip to Hollywood, she noticed graffiti over Donald Trump's Hollywood walk-of-fame star and stopped to clean it off. She tweeted photos of herself doing it, and the internet naturally went crazy.

So, we asked if Wyoming folks think she did the right thing or disagreed with her decision. Here's how our poll results broke down...

Yes - she showed Trump the respect he deserves  55%

Yes - I'm not a Trump supporter, but she did the right thing - 24%

No - She shouldn't have stopped to clean it - 15%

No Opinion - 4%

No - I'm a Trump supporter, but don't think she should have bothered with it - 1%

We also allowed users to enter their own opinion. After collecting 4 "other votes" here's what folks had to say...

  • "Yes it was the right thing to do, supporter or not."
  • "Anti American question"
  • "She shouldn't have done so because now others are vandalizing the star"
  • "Maybe for free handout from Trump"

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