One hundred and eleven people have died on Wyoming's roadways in 2019 compared to 76 in 2018, 104 in 2017, 83 in 2016 and 111 in 2015 to date.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Jeremy Beck says the glaring thing about the numbers is the fact that "we've had less crashes this year than we did in 2015; however, just as many fatalities."​​

"In 2019, we've experienced 87 (fatal) crashes," said Beck.  "In 2015, which would have been the exact same number of fatalities that we are currently year-to-date, we experienced 99."

"(This) means that we've had several crashes that we experienced fatalities out of that were multiple fatalities in one incident," he added.

Beck says "a mixture of things" are to blame for the numbers.

"We've experienced people that have not buckled up," said Beck.  "We had a crash over towards Rock Springs (earlier this year) where it was a van full of children as well as a couple of adults or three and no one was wearing a seat belt in the vehicle, everyone was ejected."

"Everyone has to police themselves and drive a little bit defensively when you're out on the roadway, make sure that you get to your destination safely​," he added​.


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