A measure introduced and referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday would expand the sections of state statute dealing with sexual assault in the second and third degrees.

Senate File 129 would insert new language dealing specifically with school employees and volunteers.

Under the proposal, the statute regarding second-degree sexual assault would specify that anyone who "inflicts sexual intrusion on a victim commits sexual assault in the second degree if, under circumstances not constituting sexual assault in the first degree:"

(ix) The actor is an employee or volunteer of a public or private school attended by students in any grade kindergarten through twelfth who, by virtue of their employment or volunteer relationship with the school, has interaction with the victim who is a student or participant in the activities of the school and is more than four (4) years older than the victim.

Currently, Wyoming Statutes 6-2-303 and 6-2-304 also include a number of other circumstances. Senate File 129 would add the new paragraph referencing school employees and volunteers to the list of circumstances already contained within in state law.

The proposal is sponsored by Sen. Brian Boner (R-Douglas), Sen. Liisa Anselmi-Dalton (D-Rock Springs), Sen. Ogden Driskill (R-Devils Tower), Sen. Bill Landen (R-Casper), Sen. Tara B. Nethercott (R-Cheyenne), Sen. Jeff Wasserburger (R-Gillette), Rep. Eric Barlow (R-Gillette), Rep. Stan Blake (D-Green River), Rep. Aaron Clausen (R-Douglas), Rep. Scott Clem (R-Gillette), Rep. Dan R. Kirkbride (R-Chugwater), Rep. Tyler Lindholm (R-Sundance), and Rep. Charles F. Pelkey (D-Laramie).

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