Hayden Dalton is one of the best players in the Mountain West Conference. At 6'8", 180 pounds, the spindly Wyoming sharpshooter might also be the skinniest power forward in the nation.

After dropping 36 points against San Diego State last week, a fan on Twitter nicknamed Dalton "Slim Mamba". As nicknames go, "Slim Mamba" is decent, but we can do better. Here are a few of our favorite contenders.

"The Ginger Giraffe" and "Jolly Red Giant" are an ode to Hayden's long frame and his hair. Dalton is also an exceptional shotblocker, which would justify the nickname "Slender Defender".

We could call him the "Wyoming Worm" in honor of lanky hoops legend Dennis Rodman. Or, since he looks like he hasn't eaten in weeks, perhaps "Hungry Hayden" would be a better moniker. Tell us what you think.


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