Here at the radio station, we live breath everything Wyoming. If it's fun or interesting and it happens in the state, we want to know about it. Here we gathered up some fun facts that I doubt you've ever thought about. And maybe it will change the way you think about the Cowboy State.

  • The current population of Wyoming is almost equal to the number of people who traveled on the Oregan Trail. It's like no one ever leaves.
  • The shape of our flag is the same as our state.
  • If we could register all the pronghorn to vote, maybe Wyoming could get another congressman.
  • In grade school, more kids chouse Wyoming for their state project because it is easy to draw.
  • Early settlers must really have loved this state because of all the friendly names of landmarks like Devils Tower, Rattle Snake Mountains, or Hell's Half Acre.
  • When deep in the woods or prairie, you may be the only human being to ever touch that piece of earth.

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