“Space enthusiasts are in for a treat at the end of this week – as three spectacular events all happen on the same day.” - thesun 6th February 2017


"Skywatchers will enjoy a rare space triple-header Friday night and early Saturday morning: A "penumbra" lunar eclipse during the full "snow" moon — and the flyby of a comet." - USA TODAY, Feb 7, 2017


Six months in front of this August’s big Solar Eclipse, we get a celestial show starting Friday and going into Saturday, Feb 11. It will be best viewed away from the city lights.

Witness a Deep Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, where the Sun, Earth, and Moon align.


USA TODAY also says " Not as spectacular — or noticeable — as a total lunar eclipse, this rather subtle phenomenon occurs when the moon moves through the outer part of Earth’s shadow (known as the penumbra), according to EarthSky.org.

The outer shadow of the Earth blocks part — but not all — of the sun's rays from reaching the moon, making it appear slightly darker than usual."

The show also stars a Snow Moon, a full moon that occurs in February with snow and cold temperatures.

And for this show only, the universe proudly re-presents “The New Year Comet!” The Comet 45P/Honda-Mrkos-Pajdušáková was recently branded the New Year comet.

NewsBeat Social via YouTube
NewsBeat Social via YouTube

This is the key element for the drama and trauma crowd.

“The New Year comet will pass close to Earth on Saturday February 11, in an event which some conspiracy theorists have linked to Doomsday.”


“World predicted to end in 2017 thanks to a total solar eclipse.”


What's the link between the New Year Comet and Doomsday?


The show begins while we in Wyoming are still in daylight, at 3:32 pm. Moon leaves Penumbra at 7:55 pm.

You might be better off with smores instead of popcorn, but “Enjoy the show!”

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