What does your mom really want for Mother's Day? According to one Wyoming business, she wants a tattoo.

Your Mom's Favorite Tattoo Parlor is located on Main Street in Sheridan. Based on their Facebook reviews, the shop lives up to its name.

"My husband has had a lot of work done here, my son has had two tattoos done and my mom had her first tattoo at the age of 63," wrote one recent customer.

Oddly enough, the shop is run by a father and son, "Freehand" Rob and Paco Benson. Rob has been a tattoo artist for over 30 years. Before settling in Sheridan, Benson traveled around the world, attending and competing in tattoo competitions. His work has been featured in "The Tattoo Sourcebook" and he's currently assembling a book of his own.

Your Mom's Favorite isn't the only shop in Sheridan with a unique name. Just down Main Street, you'll also find Beard N Lady Tattoo and the Flesh Factory.


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