Kanye West has been hanging out in Wyoming for a few weeks, getting away from it all while he writes a new album.

And, not that he would, but we think he should include some lyrics about our great state in some of his new raps.

So here's a few song title suggestions for Kanye!

PS - Before you write us or comment to us... we're very well aware how dumb these are. 

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    "Forever WEST"

    Obviously, Kanye's last name and the Wyoming welcome sign slogan. It could stroke West's ego and be a subtle reminder of the time he spent in Wyo.

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    "Wait 'Til I Get My Money, Wright"

    Stealing a line from his song "Can't Tell Me Nothin," he could simply change the word "right" to "Wright" as a nod to this Wyoming small town in Campbell County.

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    "Gold Miner"

    Kanye's 2005 song "Gold Digger" blew up. 12 years later, how about a tribute to Wyoming's gold.... miners? "Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold miner, but she can take me to Johnny J's Diner."

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    Cruisin' With Kim K On Lincolnway

    After spending so much time away from wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye should write a nice tribute song. Maybe about a romantic cruise on Cheyenne's Lincolnway?

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    It Ain't Easy Bein' Meeteetse

    It might not be a global hit, but the 300 residents of Meeteetse sure would appreciate some love.

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    Chillin' On Alcova With HOVA

    For those of you who aren't hip hop savvy, Hova is the nickname of Kanye's friend Jay-Z (who is also a very famous rapper.) The duo has preformed several songs together and we think Alcova Reservoir should be the next theme.

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