Just Northeast of Wheatland, lies the town of Guernsey, Wyoming, where they have come up with a great way to capitalize on the upcoming total eclipse of the sun. Directly in the path of totality,

“The Platte County School District #2 is offering tent camping and RV parking during the Weekend of the Solar Eclipse starting Friday, Aug. 18 going through Aug, 21. All proceeds will go to the school district and the students of PCSD#2.”

“The school will be providing two concession stands with all the amenities, Soda, Water, Candy and Food. Meals may be offered at a reasonable price in the Cafeteria, the meals and times will be posted.”

Unless you’re rich, it’s too late to book a room, but in Guernsey, Platte County School District 2 is renting out 10 X 10 yard spots on the high school football field for camping, and its parking lot spaces for RV camping. On the field camping goes for $100 for the night and RV vehicles will be charged $75.

9News reports that they are keeping the campus clear by pushing back the starting date of the school year.

This is a great lesson in entrepreneurship, ingenuity and capitalism. The school’s 75 students will be helping to run things. It's a win/win for umbraphiles and the school. All the money raised will benefit the school. A good benefit for campers is access to school showers and bathrooms.

Reserve a spot HERE. While you’re there, check out the Register Wall and Wagon Wheel Ruts of The Oregon Trail.


Other Wyoming events and locations are HERE.

Have your glasses ready! Monday’s duration of Totality will be 2minutes and 15 seconds according to eclipse2017.

Partial phase start: 10:24:21AM (MDT), Totality Start*: 11:45:46AM (MDT)
*All times shown are calculated for the lat/long specified above, and are accurate to within a couple of seconds, due mainly to influences of the "edge effects" at the start and end of totality.
For a more detailed explanation of this, please see the "About Accuracy" section of this great 2017 eclipse page by Ernie Wright of NASA!

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