A HIGH WIND WARNING is up for today, Thursday, Feb. 18. In the Cheyenne area, the winds will start kicking up in the midday and grow in strength this afternoon with a possibility for snow later this afternoon.


As of 6 a.m. if you have to travel anywhere, you'd best batten down the hatches, the winds are going to reek havoc on your drive. The National Weather Service says we can expect extremely high winds across southeast Wyoming as well as the western Nebraska Panhandle. 

Winds are expected to increase in southeast Wyoming Thursday morning to 30 to 40 mph, and you can expect gusts of up to 70 mph through Thursday night.  Winds of 40 to 50 mph and will continue into early Friday.


As of 6 a.m. Road Report for Thursday, Feb. 182016!



I-80 is CLOSED to light and high profile vehicles, conditions are dry with dangerous winds, extreme blow over risks and no light trailer advisories from Walcott Junction to Laramie.


I-80 is dry with strong winds from Happy Jack Road to approaching Cheyenne, then dry from Cheyenne east to the Nebraska State Line.


I-25 is dry between Cheyenne and the Colorado State Line

I-25 is dry from Cheyenne to Glendo, then dry with strong winds and no light trailer travel from Glendo to Casper.


Hwy 85 is dry between Cheyenne and the Colorado State Line, and dry from Cheyenne to Meriden


Hwy 287 is dry between Laramie and the Colorado State Line.