Speculating who is going to play at Cheyenne Frontier Days is a pretty big hobby for us, right? We know who we'd like to see, but we never know who is going to show up. I mean, last year, the worst kept secret in Cheyenne was that Garth was coming. This year, the information is sealed in a vault, like Fort Knox.

While the announcement is coming this evening, It's still fun to try and guess who we're going to get. So, while we wait, I asked a few Facebook groups across Townsquare Media Brands, to see who we want to see this Summer at Frontier Park.

It was actually fun to go through the ideas. While there were plenty of valid ideas, you also had the Dad joke artists suggesting people that are no longer together or, ya know, breathing. Thanks for that.

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Overall, we got TONS of ideas and I felt it was necessary to grab the top 10 artists and bands that were suggested by people in Southeast Wyoming. I mean, we matter the most, right? We live here.

So check out this comprehensive test and maybe, just maybe someone will look at this list and see who we'd love to see. You know, give us a bone! Either way, I'm excited for tonight's announcement regardless of whether they made our list or not. Here's to hoping that we have someone that we'll all clamor for like we did last year with Garth. Who is bigger than Garth? We'll find out!

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