New Year's is always a time to party. There was definitely more than enough reason to celebrate getting through 2020. Even with bars closing early, you probably had some drinks leading up to the ball dropping at midnight. So just how hungover was Wyoming? Very!

Zippia recently did some research to find out what the most hungover states were after New Year's. Using Google trends, they were able to find what states were searching for the most hangover cures for the entire weekend that followed New Year's as January 1st through the 4th were the dates used in the study. Wyoming was the 3rd most hungover state in America for New Year's.

Our neighbors to the south in Colorado took the title as the most hungover state after New Year's. Perhaps for us and them, maybe it has something to do with the altitude.

Some of the more shocking results from the study came from Louisiana. They have one of the biggest party cities in the nation in New Orleans, and yet, they came in ranked 32nd. Then again, maybe they're taking it easy with Mardi Gras coming up. North Dakota ranks as one of the drunkest cities in America almost every year. I know because I used to live there. However, they were the 3rd least hungover state in America, or 48th most. What happened North Dakota? Did you guys all just become losers after I moved away from there or something?...Just kidding, but not really.

Anyway, it's good to know that we're past New Year's so we can all recover from all the booze we devoured over the past weekend. Of course, another weekend is upon us, so get ready to recover from the partying you'll be doing this weekend. That being said, please drink responsibly, Wyoming.

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