A lot of Wyoming is under deeper than normal snow and severe cold temperatures are stressing our game animals as they also struggle with windier than normal conditions as well, particularly in the western regions.

“The Wyoming Game and Fish Department's wildlife managers are monitoring the impact on big game, and responding to calls when wildlife conflicts occur. So far, Game and Fish biologists and game wardens are seeing an increase in numbers of big game dying than during past winters when conditions were more mild.”

“Some deer and antelope have died near Moorcroft because of heavy snow, wind and cold.

Some areas of Gillette, Buffalo and Kaycee also have had limited reports of deer mortality, something that’s become widespread throughout the state.”  - Gillette News Record.

In the Jackson and Pinedale areas, mortality rates are up and fawn survival rates are down as the animals are pushed away from their normal ranges for winter because of 150 – 200 percent above normal snow pack.

Wildlife managers say it's still too early to determine any impacts on hunting seasons.

Here’s hoping the wildlife will survive and thrive from the elements of this winter.