The entire town of Burns was watching Wheel of Fortune last night, as Amanda Landrove proudly represented the Cowboy State on the popular game show.

Amanda, a former Army medic and mother of two, first auditioned for the show in 2014 at a casting call in Texas. After a second audition in 2015, she was chosen to compete on the show. In April, Landrove flew to Culver City, California, to film her episode.

It may have taken a while to finally make it there, but Amanda didn't waste any time, winning the Toss Up Question to open the show.

The category was "Fun and Games" and only five letters were given in the clue. With the board reading "_ _ N I _ _ U R E  _ _ _ _", Amanda correctly solved the puzzle with her guess "Miniature Golf".

Unfortunately, that was the only round she won and Amanda walked away with $1,000, which according to her, was "better than I thought I'd do".

"The experience was great," she said. "This is something I never thought I would do. I was extremely nervous the entire time, but the crew there helped to calm my nerves."

One of her favorite moments was meeting legendary Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White, who she described as "awesome".

"She came into the contestant waiting room and wished us all luck".

It was a day that Amanda will never forget.

"Doing the show was a bucket list experience and I'm so glad I did it."

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