While I have lived in Wyoming for more than 20 years, my roots are in Milwaukee.

I grew up influenced not only by my German family, but by the heavily German culture in the "Brew City".

So, until I came across this article from Milwaukee Magazine giving tips on "how to explain Cannibal Sandwichs to your non-Wisconsin friends" I had no idea that many people have never heard of a Cannibal Sandwich.

Imagine my horror when I read the article and learned about all the online comments tearing apart our family Christmas Dinner tradition.

In case you aren't aware "Cannibal Sandwiches" otherwise known as "Steak Tartare" or "Tiger Sandwiches" are made from raw ground beef sirloin placed on top of a slice of rye bread with raw onion slices.

While I personally am not a fan, I would say a solid 50% of my family absolutely love it.

And, I certainly didn't realize that it was a topic that so many people are passionate about.

Here are just a few things people had to say about this tradition on Twitter:

@SimTibett "I’m sorry why would anyone want this?"

@JohnMay54444636 "Midwesterners are just different. They straight up live on meat, cheese, and alcohol and don’t die."

@srirachamatic "Delicious, but recommend getting high quality sirloin or filet mignon and grinding at home. Or, from a restaurant you trust."

@BoyanNovakov "Wait untill they find out what's in sushi..."

If you're interested in learning more about this traditional German/Wisconsin food you can hear about the history and learn how to make a Cannibal Sandwich for yourself by watching this video.

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