If you've ever tried to reserve a campsite at a Wyoming State Park, then you know how crowded our beloved outdoors are becoming and holiday weekends fill up FAST.  But are Wyoming campers getting pushed aside by Wyoming State Park Officials in favor of visitors from out of state? So we asked you about your thoughts and the answer was loud and clear!!


With each passing year, it seems as though the frustrations grow for locals who want to enjoy our beautiful state parks. Which is made even more evident when you see comments like this one below on social media.

From Facebook -


We asked you - Do you believe that our Wyoming State parks favor out of state visitors to residents?  The answer was an overwhelming - YES!

76% of the responses were - Yes, Wyomingites Should Get First Option at Campsites in Wyoming State Parks.  And I have to agree with these results, I believe and would love to see changes made that give locals preference in reserving camping spaces in our Wyoming State Parks.

19% voted - No, Wyomingites have an equal opportunity to get campsites in our state parks.

While others gave opinions that "Season Pass" holders should get preference and others brought up the fact that our taxes fund our state parks for Wyomingites to enjoy.

The current online reservation system is available to everyone, both Wyoming residents and would be visitors from out of state.  Reservations are available for any Wyoming State Park both online or by phone during regular business hours and can be made 120 days in advance of the dates you are wanting make to your reservation.

By the way, according the Wyoming State Parks Department, a majority of camping spaces in each state park are 'First Come, First Serve'.  But most of those campsites are without power or water.  If you want 'hook ups' for your camper, you really need a reservation!




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