If the world is ending, will you drop everything and ask, “Where is the best Wyoming bar to get siil drunk?” The old Nibiru cataclysm story has popped up as "for real" this time. Exactly how that happened is anyone’s guess. But who is to argue with an excuse to drink.

As Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 marks "the end of the world," here are 5 great places to get sloshed one last time:

The Mint  Sheridan

According to americancowboy.com, The Mint is, "the ultimate cowboy bar in Wyoming." On Doomsday, if the neon horse and rider makes you think of Slim Pickens riding a nuclear bomb in Dr. Strangelove, well, who wouldn’t understand that? Okay, most millennials wouldn’t get that, but since this is the end, who cares.

If it is the last day, The Million Dollar has had a good run since the 1890s. It might be poetic to put silver coins on the silver coined bar, but maybe you prefer a prestigious silver credit card. Whatever the credit limit or debit balance, that is your goal for a final bar tab. That is if you’re sure it will be your final tab.

Current University of Wyoming students and their parents went to “The Buck.” In fact, parents probably told them not to spend too much time there because spending too much time there was exactly what they did, even if they don't know how they ended up there. For all living UW generations who want to be with their tipsy family on their last day on earth, maybe there's no better place to go when it’s time to go.

The Wonder Bar  Casper, Wyoming

If you’re in Casper, Doomsday calls for one more trip down Second Street to the Wonder Bar. Under that name since 1934, the bar started a tradition in the 1940s that allowed horses in the bar. Don’t worry, that practice is frowned upon now. If it’s Doomsday, however, no one needs a horse anymore, right.

The Little Bear Inn  Cheyenne, Wyoming

A totally Wyoming style atmosphere might make you feel right at home on your final day on earth. The Little Bear Inn is also known for great Cowboy State comfort food, so if you’d like one last meal, there ya go. Order something if you get around to it after that first Nibiru Triple Scotch.

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