If you're prone to get a little twisted when it's recommended to pay people for not really doing anything, then get ready for that blood pressure to rise.

New York Magazine has recently released new rules for tipping and they're a little ridiculous.

The first new 'rule' is crazy...

20-25% tip is acceptable, anything less is unethical. If you make a lot of money, you should pay more. The rule claims that even with bad service, you should be tipping that much?!?

The next rule that jumps out at me...

When you order take-out and pick it up, you need to be tipping at least 10%. They say that you ordering take-out at the restaurant is interrupting their flow...

How about this one...

If you walk into a deli, sandwich shop, or anywhere the employee is actively making your order, you should be tipping at least 10%.

I'm all for tipping someone for a job well done or for making my life a little easier by bringing dinner to me. I consider myself to be a good tipper, but it's getting a little out of hand. If I'm happy with the service I'm getting, I'm going to show my appreciation. Now I'm supposed to show my appreciation for average or below average service?

I've worked in the food service, retail and other fields where tipping was an option. I know how important tips are to those doing the job and that should make you strive to do the best job you can.

Take a look at these new tipping rules, will you be following them?

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