Wolf eyes

In a state with Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Bison, Badgers, Wolves, Mountain Lions, and Moose on the loose, one would think that they would be responsible for the most human deaths. But in Wyoming, you’re not likely to be killed by an animal. A lot depends on where you live to determine your odds of being killed by a critter.

A new study shows cattle and horses lead the list, followed by Hornets, Wasps, and Bees and in 3rd place, dogs. Know what to do if you encounter deadly critters with sharp teeth and claws if you meet them in the wild, but be careful around home, especially with children under 4.

“It's usually family dogs or dogs known to the children who are doing the killing.”

While the odds of hitting a deer are 1 out of 162 out of season (Oct. Nov. Dec.), State Farm Insurance ranks Wyoming 8th for a collision that on average, will cost an average of $4,179. It’s probably a lot more if you hit a bison.

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