"Celebrity Chef," is such an interesting term in the times we live. People who are particularly good at making food are celebrated on TV- Where you cannot smell or taste said food. But more often than not, it's about the personality of the chef more than their cooking prowess. Gordon Ramsay didn't get famous for his ability to scramble the perfect egg, now did he?

Recently, The Thrillist listed all 50 states' favorite celebrity chefs, with a handy infographic. You might not even recognize Wyoming's favorite unless you're really into British cooking shows.

Paul Hollywood, of the Great British Baking Show, is listed as the Cowboy State's favorite celebrity chef. Having watched a season (or five) of the show, I can see why. While Mary Berry is definitely a peach on the show as well, Paul adds a certain flavor to the show with his keen eye for details and flavor itself.


Many of our neighboring states also like Mr. Hollywood, though Colorado prefers some Alton Brown, and after seeing him on Cutthroat Kitchen, I can see why! The late, great Anthony Bourdain dominates the Southern half of the map, and Racheal Ray completely takes over the Dakotas and Nebraska.

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